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RNC blasts out, in response to Kerry saying he has not used the l-word re Bush and Iraq and WMDs:

IN DECEMBER 2003, KERRY TOLD NEW HAMPSHIRE EDITORIAL BOARD BUSH “LIED” ABOUT REASON FOR GOING TO WAR IN IRAQ. “Kerry also told a New Hampshire newspaper editorial board Friday that Bush had ‘lied’ about his reasons for going to war in Iraq, a word Kerry has been reluctant to use publicly for months. Yesterday he said he did not plan to use the word again.” (Patrick Healy, “Kerry Camp Lowers N.H. Expectations Behind In Polls, Senator Now Seeks Spot In ‘Top Two,’” The Boston Globe, 12/8/03)

AND IN SEPTEMBER 2003, KERRY SAID BUSH ADMINISTRATION “LIED” AND “MISLED.” “This administration has lied to us. They have misled us. And they have broken their promises to us. The president promised to the people and the Congress that he would build an international coalition, respect the United Nations’ process and only go to war as a last resort. I will tell you that from my war fighting experience, I believe there is a test for a president as to how you go to war. And that test is whether or not you can look in the eyes of parents and say to them, ‘I did everything possible to avoid the loss of your son and daughter, but we had no other choice in order to protect the security of our nation,’ and I know this president fails that test in Iraq.” (Sen. John Kerry, Campaign Event, Claremont, NH, 9/20/03)


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