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Lies in Advertising

Fox TV has been running an ad for its new show “Justice .” I caught the commercial last night. I may have misheard the little speech one of the lawyers in the show gives. But I could swear it went something like this: “Every year 10,000 innocent people are arrested and sent to jail for crimes they didn’t commit….that’s 10,000 real murderers going free. And that’s 10,000 reasons I’m going to fight for my client…” Or somthing like that.

Again, I apologize if I got that substantially wrong (I looked for the commercial and couldn’t find it on the web). But, that seemed to be the gist. There are roughly 16,000 murders a year in the United States. Suggesting that the majority of them result in false arrests and convictions is scandalous. I know it’s just a TV show and all that. But considering how many people — especially young people — only get their facts from entertainment, this is just grossly irresponsible. I mean these people vote and serve on juries.

Update: From a reader:

Jonah, I had the exact same response. I think you remembered it accurately, by the way. I thought at the time, That’s just crazy. Saying that kind of thing is just poisoning the minds of people regarding their faith in the justice system. I hope someone at the network has been severely reprimanded, and they stop running that promo.


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