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Life in Africa

In the tradition of the Bush administration, Dana Perino has a devotion to the people of Africa. She has a piece over at about a recent visit to the Aberdeen West Africa Fistula Center in Sierra Leone. This is the round-up, but read it all:

Western medicine helped end the problem of fistula in the United States around the turn of the last century – so much so that none of my friends with babies that I’ve talked to have ever heard of this condition. I left Africa with a feeling I’ve had three times now as I’ve left the continent – so, now what do I do? In writing this piece, I hope to spread awareness about the problem and encourage people to remember that we have a responsibility to help others in the world, especially women to women. Vaginal fistula is still widespread. In my limited research I’ve learned that medical personnel in our military are also performing fistula repairs in Afghanistan and elsewhere. Together we can work to give these women and their children – and their men – a renewed lease on life. AWAFC has partnered with the Freedom from Fistula Foundation and Mercy Ships in Sierra Leone – to find out more click here.


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