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Life and Love Begets More Life and Love – a Father’s Day Story from BraveLove

A man named Clay tells his story of being adopted. When he got married and became a father, he and his wife decided to foster. There’s no pretending in his testimony that any of it is easy, but there is a recognition that there is a path to healing, understanding, greater love. Happy Father’s Day, this weekend, to every man who has stepped up to the plate to love a child, whatever the obstacles, whatever the challenges, whatever the sacrifices.

BraveLove is a group that celebrates birth mothers, as Clay does in his video here. They are heroes. So are fathers. God bless all parents, however you come to it. And don’t ever be afraid to ask for help and support.

Clay’s Story — From Love and Back Again from BraveLove on Vimeo.

Happy Father’s Day to Clay and all foster fathers, who maybe don’t always get the Hallmark cards, but need our prayers and friendship. Know who they are and don’t leave them alone. If we learned anything over these past months, let it be to not leave people alone.


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