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Life At Princeton: a Reminder

Respect Life Sunday

All are welcome to attend

An Interfaith Service featuring Imam Mubasher Ahmad, Father Richard John Neuhaus, Rabbi David Novak, Pastor Matt Ristuccia, and Betty Jean Wolfe

Sunday, October 2nd, at 1:30 p.m. in the Princeton University Chapel

During the first weekend in October, places of worship across the country celebrate Respect Life Sunday. This year, the Office of Religious Life has graciously agreed to allow Princeton Pro-Life to coordinate an interfaith service in the University Chapel. This service is open to students from all backgrounds and will include scriptural readings and speeches by prominent religious leaders from different traditions. Guest speakers include Imam Mubasher Ahmad, Imam of Baet-ul-Jaamay Mosque in Illinois and devoted missionary of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam in the Midwest, Father Richard John Neuhaus, Editor in Chief of First Things and a prolific writer and social justice worker, Rabbi David Novak, Chair of Jewish studies at University of Toronto and author of multiple works advocating the pro-life view as the normative Jewish view, Pastor Matt Ristuccia ‘75, Princeton alumnus and pastor of Princeton’s own Westerly Road Church, and Betty Jean Wolfe of the Urban Family Council in Philadelphia. Prayers, readings, and music will be performed by Princeton University students, and campus chaplains and local clergy are invited to process in with these guest preachers. Everyone is invited to the service and the reception afterwards. At this reception, bone marrow donor tests will be available, and if a match is found, it could save a life.

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