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Life in the Right-Hand Lane

The Denver Post calls Jon Caldara “Colorado’s best-known right-winger.” The head of the Independence Institute, one of the first of the state-based think tanks on the Right, Caldara is one of the movement’s canniest and funniest voices for freedom and limited government. You’ll enjoy Post writer Bill Husted’s recent Q&A with Caldara, including this rapid-fire riff:

BH: Why are you a conservative? Some people would say you have no heart.

Caldara: And liberals have no brain. And I’m not a conservative, really. And I have a heart. I just want the government to leave us alone. I want people to take care of their own lives, their own retirement.

BH: But you’ll collect Social Security, won’t you?

Caldara: Of course, I’ve been paying for it my whole life. But you’ll probably collect and it won’t be around for me.

BH: I can’t wait to collect.

Caldara: I’m a liberty junkie. It’s not about Republicans and Democrats. I just think the Republicans, on the whole, will give us more liberty. Maybe.