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‘Lifeline into Sanity’

You know, we could be saving many of you a LOT on meds. Take Mark B, who shared some of those possible pharmaceutical savings with us, contributing $100 to the soon-to-close NR Webathon, and explaining just how much the website and our writers mean to him and his mental health:

As a virtually disenfranchised resident of Nancy Pelosi’s district, NRO is my lifeline into sanity every day. While a vote against Nancy is quite a thrill, I’d never stand living in loony San Fran long enough to pull the lever without you guys. Oh, and if you’re handing out raises, give Jay Nordlinger one, too. He writes beautifully and thoughtfully.

A Jay raise — maybe we should just return his Webathon donation? It’s true — he gives! Maybe that, and Mark B’s kindness, and the kindnesses of many others who help keep the NRO lights on (so you can read, without end, for free), will inspire you and your sanity to donate, for which we are and will be most appreciative.


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