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The Lights Are Going Out

A Pentecostalist pastor in Sweden has been sentenced to one month in jail for criticizing homosexuality in a sermon. Story here.

Sweden today, the USA tomorrow. I see from the current HUMAN EVENTS that a “hate crime” amendment was slipped into the Defense Authorization Bill (S. 2400) to add homosexuals to the list of protected classes of citizens under U.S. civil rights law. This follows relentless lobbying from groups with innocuous, deliberately deceptive names like “Human Rights Campaign.” Naturally the amendment passed the Senate by a landslide: “Eighteen Republicans and all Democrats present voted in favor.”

Crimes are crimes–these “hate crimes” laws are aimed at censoring speech, protecting people from feeling offended–something quite subjective. We are losing our ancient liberties, ladies and gentleman, and the political

classes, regardless of party, are perfectly OK with it.


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