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Li’l Squinty Riding High

Anyone who thinks the recent hostage incident was any kind of a plus for the West should take a look at the Poison Dwarf of Tehran, most especially at the great big smile on his face.

This, it is widely suspected, is one of those “students” who humiliated the U.S.A. in that previous hostage crisis back in 1979.

In Li’l Squinty’s imagination, America and Britain must be paper tigers indeed. What does Iran have to fear now? What may Iran now not do?

Meanwhile, note the Hesperophobic angle.

The Iranians made it clear more than three weeks ago that they were looking to capture “blond-haired and blue-eyed officers.”

Now why would that be, I wonder? It is of course a logical impossibility for Third Worlders to be racist, so what did the Iranians mean by this peculiar remark?

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