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Limbaugh and The Law

Here’s the fundamental problem with the Florida court’s

Rush Limbaugh decision today: if you live in Florida, all your personal medical records are now fair game for an overzealous and partisan prosecutor (in this case, an elected Democrat in Palm Beach County) to seize them from your doctor and make them public. It doesn’t matter that the Florida Constitution specifically includes a right to privacy, which applies to medical records. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been charged with doing anything wrong — or whether you’re ever charged with wrongdoing — or whether the doctor gave them the right records, or whether the prosecutor got only what the judge said he could take. Now in Florida, almost anything goes. A prosecutor can seize your personal medical records and make them public, and there’s nothing you can do about it. This is why you’ve seen some of Rush’s medical records on television and the Internet.

I dare say that if this had been the seizure and public disclosure of an illegal combatant’s medical information by some prosecutor, you could be sure the full weight of the law would have come down him, and the mainstream media would be outraged. This is a truly appalling abuse of power. And so far it continues because the target is Rush Limbaugh.


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