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Limbaugh on Trump: ‘There’s a Much Bigger Upside than Downside’

Donald Trump is expanding the Republican Party in exactly the way the establishment has long said is necessary, so it makes no sense people like Mitt Romney are conspiring to kill off his candidacy, Rush Limbaugh said this morning. 

“For the longest time the Republican Party has told us that they can’t win with just Republican votes,” Limbaugh told Meet the Press’s Chuck Todd. ”And that’s why they support amnesty. That’s why they support the Democrats on many of their issues, to go out and get Hispanics or other minorities.”

“Guess who’s doing it? Donald Trump is doing it,” Limbaugh said. “Yet, look at what they’re trying to do, get Donald Trump out of the race because they’re not in control of it. It’s the most amazing thing to watch this happen.”

Limbaugh likened the anti-Trump backlash to the establishment’s opposition to Ronald Reagan in 1976 and 1980.


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