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Ten Things that Caught My Eye (Recently … This Week)

I’ve been on the road for a few days or weeks or months (all of the above) and found the backend of posting harder than it should be. But a few things that deserve links to before the week is out …

1. If you haven’t watched the pastor of the church in Sutherland Springs yet from earlier in the week describe his confidence in God in the midst of his suffering, you want to.

2. Tim Carney on an “embarrassment of riches” while in Children’s Hospital with his infant.

3. Nancy French on listening to the Roy Moore allegations and denials and excuses as a victim of sexual abuse.

4. I keep thinking of Dawn Eden’s book on healing after suffering sexual abuse. We did a Q&A here.

5. Barbara Comstock on Roy Moore:

ALSO: The Colson Center is looking for a web editor.


A piece I wrote for OSV Newsweekly on Sutherland Springs and things.

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