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Lip Service Won’t Cut It


There’s one fact about the cliché “we’re all in this together” — it’s true. As regards the fight against socialism, which of late has found a revival in popularity among the witless and a home in the thoughts and dreams and proposals of the Left’s emerging political leaders, National Review’s relentless combatting is dependent upon the selfless support of readers who know that this is not only a fight worth having, but a fight that we must have. Since we launched our Spring 2019 Webathon last week — and I urge you to read Rich Lowry’s call to arms for donations — a couple of hundred readers have joined NR’s writers atop the ramparts. For many, their support is accompanied by encouragement, which is appreciated deeply amongst the staff. We share a few of such:

 Sam affords us $100, and explains why this institution matters: “t would be impossible to fully understand our country and the world without the point of view presented by National Review in such a straight forward and thoughtful manner.” We like to think that Sam, but it sounds a lot better coming from you. Thanks.

 That good friend “Anonymous” dropped a sweet $500 in the collection basket, and fessed up to his wild youth: “I’ve been reading NR since I was 12 or 13 (much longer ago than I like to admit, even to myself). Keep up the good fight!” Keeping . . . thanks to old friends like you.

 Greg spots us 50 bucks and speaks truth: “NR is the alternative to every left leaning publication — period! Keep up the good work, and, THANK YOU.” The appreciation is quite mutual.

 Robert donates a crisp C note and reveals his long-term plans for this publication: “Reading for 50 years . . . how about 50 more.” You take those vitamins and we’ll see you in 2069 amigo!

 And then there is Craig, who duplicates Bob’s 100 smackers and also reveals his long relationship with NR and its true meaning and mission: “In 1969 I was a freshman in college. One day I just happened to come across NR in the school library. It & William F. Buckley saved me from buying into all the leftwing BS. The battle for individual freedom never ends.”

The well-wishing is a tonic, but sans material support, it’s little more than lip service. What we need to fully engage, persist, and defeat these blankety blanks is actual moolah.

As Craig says, the battle goes on. Some of us have the stomach for reupping to fight the bad guys — that’s why NR exists. And let’s not kid ourselves: They are that. Bad guys. Would you be one of the good guys and donate to this current effort? I hope so, because the support we receive is being used to underwrite our pointed efforts (do dig the new issue of NR) to expose socialism for the gone-rotten tripe that it is. Whether $5 or $5,000, no donation is too large, and none too small; each and every one is vital, consequential, meaningful, appreciated. Our objective is to raise $175,000 (and a lot more if at all possible) in this effort to give socialism a deserved beatdown, and right now, we need a lot more NR readers to engage. So please, donate to the 2019 Spring Webathon. For those who want to help but prefer sending a check, mail your selfless generosity (made payable to “National Review”) to National Review, ATTN: Spring 2019 Webathon, 19 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10036. God bless!

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