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Listen Up

Again, go out and vote and get people to voete It’s only 5 pm.

This is what straight GOP shooter tells me, best conversation, int erms of informed frankness I’ve had all day. Everything is in play, and even leaning good for the GOP in Senate races. But it’s all contingent on the people who are supposed to show up showing up. I hear things look good in Alaska Senate race. GOP is alive in Colorado Senate. Hear Mel Martinez is a little behind in Florida, but all preelection internals suggested he was ahead, so, again, people who are at work, go vote on eht way home. GOP source happy about how NC, Ga. Ok, Alasaka are looking. Again. Can all change, depending on who votes in the coming hours, so get there. But the sky is not falling.

The bad news: Things are lookiung good for Arlen Specter. (Sorry Senator Rick, had to say!)