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A Little About the (Longest) Week That Was

From Window on The Week:

John Bolton still has not been confirmed as America’s U.N. ambassador — and he probably never will be. This is the fault of Democrats, of course, but it is also the fault of two Republicans: Sens. Lincoln Chafee and Chuck Hagel. Hagel is the chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (at least for another few weeks). Guided by an epicene concern for the feelings of committee Democrats, he held unnecessary new hearings on the nomination that, in practice, became an opportunity for liberals to recycle their spurious attacks on Bolton. Chafee, a liberal in Republican clothing, joined them, and became the critical vote. He backed Bolton’s nomination a year ago, but refused to do so this time, and announced on Friday that he has no intention of changing his mind. In blocking the nomination, he has empowered the Bush-hating Democratic mainstream to hinder the administration’s implementation of its foreign policy. That is neither check nor balance, but hubris.