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A Little Catholic Corner Indulgence

Boston’s archdiocese has a new shepherd, Bishop Sean Patrick O’Malley. I hear good things, which are all but confirmed for me when I read:

The Rev. Richard McBrien, a liberal theologian at the University of Notre Dame, said despite all the kudos O’Malley has won for his response to clergy sex abuse, he is still a conservative priest who would be “uncritically loyal to the Holy See and would not veer one millimeter from its policies and teachings on anything.”

I certainly hope he won’t veer from Church teachings! The veering is what starts the problems in the first place. Nowhere in the Catholic Catechism does anyone learn to abuse a child or cover up for abuse of a child. It’s the Word and graces of God, from which Catholic teachings hail (or so we folks believe), that will lead Boston and other dioceses out of the darkness they’ve experienced.


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