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A Little Late-Night Red-baiting

Every now and then, Hillary Clinton will remind you of her ideological roots. Two days ago, she campaigned in Massachusetts, saying, “Don’t let anybody tell you that, you know, it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs. You know that old theory: trickle-down economics. That has been tried. That has failed.” The young Hillary clerked in Bob Treuhaft’s offices. (A frankly Communist firm.) How much has she grown?

Yet she is generally thought to be on the right of the Democratic party — all cozy with Wall Street and so on. If she is a conservative Democrat, who or what is a liberal Democrat? Lillian Hellman? Given an electoral threat from Elizabeth Warren, is the true Hillary coming out?

I have one more question — and also an observation. The question is this: Who or what does Hillary Clinton think creates jobs? And here is the observation: Back when Joe McCarthy was calling the Democratic party Commie, it was being run by the likes of Harry Truman. That is a dizzying thought, to me.

(Years ago — probably in a dorm room — our Mike Potemra explained to me his Jacksonian theory of the Democratic party: It had gone from Andrew Jackson to Scoop Jackson to Jesse Jackson.)

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