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A Little More of the History of the Texas Republic

The history of the Texas Republic, several good readers have sent emails to note, is a lot more complicated than gringos versus Mexicans–in particular, there were a lot of ethnic Mexicans who joined Sam Houston and the gringos in opposing Santa Ana.  As one reader explains:

There is no doubt that European settlers (I see that has American settlers) were encouraged to move into the sparsely populated areas of northern Mexico, and there is no doubt that they did not assimilate into Mexico….[But] many of the people who took part in the Texas revolt were more like modern Mexican/Americans than they were like Sam Houston.  We do them and ourselves a disservice by not acknowledging the Latino contribution to the Texas war of Independence.  It is fair to argue that the revolt would have failed without their participation. 

This is a matter of continuing relevance:  One reason Hispanics and Anglos tend to get along so well in Texas is that they’ve both been there from the get-go.


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