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A Little Tip to Respondents

If you send e-mails to people with whom you disagree — e-mails that are unsolicited — you will usually end up ensuring your e-mail is not read if you say things like “you are revolting” or “I demand you retract your statement” or “how dare you say” or things like that. See, if you’re not pleasant or polite, the person to whom you have sent the e-mail can just delete it and then add your name to his blocked senders list and ensure he never reads your e-mail again…You see how it works? Catch more flies with honey?

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‘The world is not a dark and evil place,” insists an exasperated woman played by Judy Greer in Halloween. “It’s full of love and understanding!” I put the question to the class: Is she right? In the new film (not a reboot but a sequel that occurs 40 years after the events in the 1978 original and ... Read More