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Little Tom Cruise Monkeys Jumping On The Couch

Brooke Shields is going after Tom Cruise at the right time. I happened to be watching his unbelievable “I love Katie Holmes” performance onOprah the other week and I began the countdown to his eventual starring role on CSI: Medicine Hat. In past years, when Cruise was represented by a brilliant PR executive named Pat Kingsley, there would be these moments when uncomfortable rumors would swirl around him. Just then, he would appear out of nowhere and pull somebody from a burning car or save somebody from a carjacking. This is not a joke. But he fired Pat Kingsley, and now he’s leaping up and down on Oprah’s couch and insulting women with post-partum depression because they take medication. Memo to Cruise: Go hire an extra, stage a drive-by shooting and rescue somebody. But quick.


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