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Live Long And Get a Really Big Paycheck for a Cameo

Leonard Nimoy will appear in the upcoming Star Trek movie — the one rumored to star Matt Damon and Adrien Brody. It will purportedly tell the story of how Kirk and Spock and Bones came to be a team on the Starship Enterprise. The young Spock will be played by Zachary Quinto (who is the superhero-murderer on NBC’s Heroes). My guess: It begins with Spock and Kirk floating around the Neutral Zone on deck chairs hopped up on Romulan Ale, playing three-dimensional chess, ogling green-skinned chicks and reminiscing about the old Starfleet days.

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Columbia 1968: Another Untold Story

Fifty years ago this week, Columbia students riding the combined wave of the civil-rights and anti-war movements went on strike, occupied buildings across campus, and shut the university down. As you revisit that episode of the larger drama that was the annus horribilis 1968, bear in mind that the past isn’t ... Read More

Only the Strident Survive

‘I am not prone to anxiety,” historian Niall Ferguson wrote in the Times of London on April 22. “Last week, however, for the first time since I went through the emotional trauma of divorce, I experienced an uncontrollable panic attack.” The cause? “A few intemperate emails, inadvertently forwarded ... Read More

Poll Finds Nevada Voters Support School-Choice Programs

According to an April poll, a large number of Nevada voters support school-choice programs. The poll, conducted by Nevada Independent/Mellman, found that 70 percent of voters support a proposal for a special-needs Education Savings Account and 59 percent support expanding the funding for the current tax-credit ... Read More

Microscopic Dots. Let’s Look at Them.

Stuart E. Eizenstat has written a big book on the Carter presidency. (Eizenstat was Carter’s chief domestic-policy adviser. He also had a substantial hand in foreign affairs.) I have reviewed the book for the forthcoming NR. Eizenstat tells the story of a meeting between President Carter and Andrei Gromyko, the ... Read More