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The Lives of Cubans

In Cuba, there is a political prisoner named Santiago Valdeolla Pérez. He is a democrat and pacifist, and therefore a dire threat to the Communist dictatorship. Funny how that works. He has done something remarkable: He has written slogans on a Cuban flag in his own blood. The slogans include “The country belongs to all of us” and “Long live a free and democratic Cuba.” Highly subversive stuff.

In Impromptus today, I say, “I don’t know, but if I were the American president, I think I’d find a way to acknowledge Valdeolla, and many others.”

I think I’d find a way to acknowledge this, too: “Ladies in White Beaten, Dragged and Stoned after Mass on July 17, 2011.” Who are the Ladies in White? They are women who walk through the streets of their country, Cuba, in silent protest at the imprisonment of their loved ones, and other decent people. For their troubles, they are . . . beaten, dragged, stoned, etc. You can read about the latest attacks here.

Let me get all partisan on you: If the Ladies in White were standing up to a right-wing dictatorship, rather than a left-wing one, they would be famous, worldwide. The New York Times, 60 Minutes, and the entire Western media establishment would see to that.

Is that too right-wing for you?


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