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Liz ’n’ Jud

After the usual gravity and horror in today’s Impromptus, I quote a remark by Queen Elizabeth, which gave me a smile. (I’m talking about the current queen, not the steely redhead back when.) Told that an MP who was particularly nasty in his anti-monarchism was “really a very kind man,” the queen replied, “He hides it well.”

A reader of ours said he was reminded of the mock eulogy for Jud, in Oklahoma!: “He loved everybody and everything in the whole world! Only he never let on, so nobody ever knowed it.”

By the way, many remember that, when first meeting the queen, President Obama gave her an iPod loaded with, among other things, audio recordings of his speeches. (Specifically, his keynote address at the 2004 Democratic convention and his inaugural address.) Less well remembered is that the iPod also included Broadway songs, which the queen reportedly loves. And that, in addition to the iPod, Obama gave her a songbook signed by Richard Rodgers.

Enough trivia for now, I guess (I got more).


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