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The Lizard King

As a reminder that the situation in Iran is more complex than is sometimes thought, <a href="

“>here’s a report on a new Iranian movie satirizing the superstitious thugs now running that unfortunate country. It’s playing to packed houses. As the Daily Telegraph describes it, The Lizard follows an escaped thief, Reza Marmoulak (Reza the Lizard), who gives bogus sermons and advice while dressed in the turban and robes of a Muslim cleric, a disguise that apparently gives the film-makers plenty of opportunity to poke fun at the mullahs before the movie’s inevitable (and prudent) politically correct conclusion (Marmoulak finds religion). Needless to say, some of Iran’s ruling clergy are now calling for The Lizard to be stamped on. Can accusations of ‘Islamophobia’ be far behind?


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