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Load Up for the Holidays—and Watch Out for Those Uncles

I got this email from Organizing for America last night:

Organizing for Action

Friend – 

Ah, the week of Thanksgiving — that beautiful time of year when families gather and uncles everywhere feel the need to spout off about Obamacare.

Chances are, folks at the dinner table probably look to you, mostly as a voice of reason, on the subject.

So, this year, be prepared when health care comes up.

Head over to Health Care for the Holidays, and find some helpful tips about how to talk about health care reform — and, most importantly, how your loved ones can get covered.

For millions of Americans — and probably several people in your life — this is the first time that quality, affordable health care is within reach. Whether you have a pre-existing condition that previously kept you from getting insured, or you’re a young person who thinks you’re invincible, getting covered is easy.

That’s why you should take the time to talk to the people you love about what health reform means for them.

Sometimes it’s easier to just let all those rants go without getting involved — believe me, I know. But when people turn to you, it’s good to have the facts.

Before you get together with your family, be sure to stock up on tips for talking about health care:



Erin Hannigan

Health Care Campaign Manager

Organizing for Action


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