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Locker Room Chit-Chat

I don’t commute, play pool, or hang around mens’ clubs. But I can say with assurance that I have heard no “indigenous racial slurs” in the locker room of my gym. Or, for that matter anywhere else. I have heard viscious slurs, though not racial ones, used regarding George Bush. Moreover, I have no doubt that a bunch of ugly language would issue forth from the blowdryer-wielding ladies at the local Equinox in response to, say, support for the war in Iraq.  

Like others, I have received my share of fairly vicious anti-Semitic mail. The most entertaining recent actually made the point that Barack Obama’s mother’s family was really Jewish. No, really, look at his mother –especially when she was old and heavier. She looked just like many of the Jewish women the writer knew out in the valley, around L.A. . . . Of course Stanley Ann Dunham’s family claimed to be Protestant — just as so many social climbing Jews do.  (Whatever one thinks of Obama’s mother — social climbing just doesn’t come to mind.)  This mattered to the reader. Why? Because Jews control the hedge funds, of course.  So I guess that actually was a racial slur — calling Obama a Jew and all.


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