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Log Cabin Republicans Invite Duck Dynasty‘s Robertson to ‘Moonshine Summit’

The Log Cabin Republicans are extending a hand to Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson’s in the wake of his controversial comments about homosexuality. Rather than criticize Robertson, the gay Republican group is inviting the Duck Dynasty patriarch to a “Moonshine Summit” to discuss the incident.

“Let’s put an end to all of the fussing and feuding and talk about this like adults,” executive director Gregory T. Angelo said in a statement. “Phil, you have your views and we have ours, but I think you’d be surprised how much we all have in common, and there’s no better gay folk out there to make that case than Log Cabin Republicans.”

Between their shared conservatives values and faith, Angelo said the Robertson family and the members of the Log Cabin Republicans can “raise a glass, and work this out” in the spirit of the Christmas season.


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