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From a reader; too cute not to share: “What If WFB Had a Blog”:

Went on a Fox News show called “Hannity and Colmes” to promote the new book.

Mrs. Buckley suggested afterwards that my oratorical metabolism,

uncompensated by gesticular flourishes, seemed phlegmatic compared to

masters Hannity and Colmes. She recommended an aperitif in the Green Room

before Hardball.

Posted by WFB 6:35pm July 20, 2004

Spent the morning at the NR office followed by lunch at an Indian food

restaurant called “Curry in a Hurry” at Lowry’s suggestion. Some have

questioned handing over the NR reins to someone so young but they forget I

began National Review at a younger age. Lowry’s choice in restaurants does

give me pause though…

Posted by WFB 11:15am July 12, 2004

The thought of Catholic politicians who openly controvert Church teaching

receiving at the communion rail is reminiscent of the bride who, expert in

matters carnal and caught in flagrante delicto with the postman, still

chooses the whitest white in wedding apparel. The small hypocrisy of the

shade of gown pales before the taking of Communion, so the bishops must

untangle a twisted skein given the on-going, unrepentent nature of the sin.

The bedlamitic uncle in this attic appears to be the fact that John Kerry

could not successfuly export his odious views on human life issues but for

the enabling votes of millions of Catholics, begging the larger issue of an

apparently new thing – the wholesale disregard the majority of Western

Catholics have shown towards the Magisterium in their discarding of Humane

Vitae and support for pro-choice political candidates.

Posted by WFB 2:12pm July 11, 2004

Received a call from Don King, the fight promoter, regarding a possible

allumette-vers le haut between myself and Gore Vidal. I replied in the


Posted by WFB 3:01pm July 9, 2004

(Okay, ok, so I have too much time on my hands).

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