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Compare and Contrast

So a bakery allegedly refused to bake a cake for a customer because to do so would violate the baker’s values, or something. A gay wedding cake? Nope. A trifle for a polyamorous troop of non-gendered poets seeking to hold a neo-pagan tribal commitment ceremony? Nah ah. 

The customer wanted a birthday cake with “Trump 2016″ on it. But Albertsons refused. 

Now I think it’s stupid to refuse this request. My hunch is that this wasn’t a decision by management, but just one baker – if this story is even really true. It smells a bit fishy to me. But as a matter of principle, I think this is totally fine. I also think it’s fine for a baker not to bake a cake for Mennonites, S&M clubs and, yes, gay weddings. I just think it’s funny to listen to the deafening silence this story is eliciting. 


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