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Britons Respond to the London Terror Attacks

The anger of the British public over the latest act of terror in London comes across strongly in the press, on television, and in talk shows. It is nonetheless undirected, as though the question were “How can things like this happen here?” rather than, “What will stop attacks like this?” So far, the terrorist remains unidentified. A journalist, Quinton Letts, happened to catch sight of the man who, he reports, had a bushy beard. Islamic State terrorists ran down and killed and injured passers-by in exactly this manner in Berlin and Nice. A lethal attack on the Westminster Parliament seems to bear out the IS anti-Western slogan of “No democracy.” Moreover, at this very moment U.S.-led coalition forces are moving in on Raqqa, the Syrian town where IS has its capital and now faces its end-game. It is a virtual certainty that the terrorist saw himself fulfilling a religious obligation and was completely clear in his own mind. Yet Prime Minister Theresa May calls him “sick and depraved.” In an even more far-fetched euphemism, the police and counterterrorism officials describe him as an “international terrorist.”

By coincidence, Martin McGuinness was buried at that same time. He was a particularly sinister IRA terrorist, utterly cold-blooded as he fulfilled what he saw as a nationalist and Catholic obligation. He is thought to have tortured his victims, among them Marcus McCausland, a big-hearted man I had been at school with. Because the IRA was defeated in the field, McGuinness entered politics, whereupon the British government struck a shabby deal empowering him. Those responsible, notably Tony Blair and his advisers, come forward now to praise this evil man. The BBC compares him to Nelson Mandela. McGuinness is a peace-maker only because they are his apologists.

Where Islamic terror is concerned, if the British public is invited to accept anything like this obscuring of moral judgment for the sake of political advantage, their anger will put a stop to it.


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