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Long Before Lila Rose, There Was Phill Kline

Denis, as you’ve written, the situation Phill Kline finds himself in is outrageous. It wasn’t enough to destroy his good name, drive him out of office, and kill the case against Planned Parenthood — they even want to take away his law license. What he’s got in his defense — besides the moral vindication of what we’ve learned about Planned Parenthood since then — is the record. And so they shred that away! Get rid of him, get rid of the evidence, nothing to look at, right? Except this is happening out in the open.

I realize the judiciary is Sebelius-PPville. But isn’t that why we have checks and balances? I’d really love to see Governor Sam Brownback put an end to the persecution of Phill Kline. Denounce it. Shed a light on it. Stand by Kline and thank him for being ahead of most of the rest of us, looking out for women and children in the face of a bipartisan sacred cow.

Kline must long for the days when he was only being dismissed by liberal editorialists as some kind of pervert, inordinately interested in women’s health issues. Those were just words — and the occasional cartoon. This all seems aimed at total destruction. Exacting revenge. All for doing his job. All for daring to question Planned Parenthood — and about the welfare of minors.

From all I’ve seen over the years, Phill Kline is a man of courage and integrity. And he deserves better than this.