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Look North, Barry

Liz Peek with another wise column at The Fiscal Times, this one counseling POTUS to “Go to Canada for Leadership Lessons.” A sample:

When President Obama nixed the Keystone Pipeline, Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper moved aggressively on the alternative Northern Gateway Pipeline. The project would involve billions of dollars to construct two pipelines to British Columbia and a new port to service Asia-bound supertankers. It would also create thousands of jobs. Harper’s aggressive push for jobs and Obama’s cave to environmentalists perfectly describes the chasm between Canadian policies and ours. Guess which are working better?

Leaders of the developed world are being bounced left and right. Though circumstances and details differ, the message is clear: People are tired of worrying about the economy, their jobs and their future. They hold the folks in charge accountable and will not reelect a leader who has failed to ease their concerns.

Mr. Obama is just such a leader. He has shown neither a clear understanding about what might help job creation nor has he made this overarching concern his highest priority. Recent polls show the president is in trouble; he needs a plan. My advice: Take a hard look at Canada to study up on what our northern neighbor is doing right.


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