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Looking for a Cheap Date

The Democrats seem to actually think that last week’s Senate passage of a bill providing for increased immigration enforcement personnel, two UAVs, and some other stuff is all it takes to convince people that the border is secure. As Politico described it:

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, Schumer and McCaskill told reporters in a conference call Friday that the bill paves the way for consideration of a comprehensive reform bill.

And here’s Schumer himself:

“I’m for comprehensive immigration reform. I think that’s the way to go. And I’m continuing to work on it,” Mr. Schumer said. “But we’ve always said we should do border security first. This is border security first.”

Really? I mean, it’s a little bit of border security, sure, and I’m all for it. But where’s E-Verify? Where’s authorization for state and local cops to assist in enforcing immigration law? Where’s a requirement for no-match letters? Even Republicans aren’t stupid enough to believe that “this is border security first.”

But, hilariously, the open-borders groups are outraged at the passage of any enforcement measures:

“It is really unfortunate, misguided and a major political misstep,” said Deepak Bhargava, executive director of the Center for Community Change, an immigrant rights group. “There will need to be a lot of repair work by the Democrat leadership with the immigrant advocacy community.”

Apropos of Kyl’s comments about the left holding enforcement hostage to amnesty, Politico related that “Passing a stand-alone border bill eliminated a bargaining chip for Democrats, they said.”

And we’re supposed to believe that these people will finally back enforcement after an amnesty?

Mark Krikorian, a nationally recognized expert on immigration issues, has served as Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) since 1995.

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