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Looking at Hanover

“Next week marks the end of elections for both the Democrats and Dartmouth,” Bill McGurn writes in today’s Wall Street Journal.  “Only the latter results will really mean anything.  And that’s why, when the rest of America is zeroing in on Hillary, some of us will be looking at Hanover.”

Voting for the leadership of the Association of Alumni will end on June 5.  At stake, the very character of Dartmouth College.  If you know a Dartmouth alum, please send along the link to this post.  And if you’re a Dartmouth alum yourself, then for goodness’s sake, please look at the links below, consider the arguments, and cast your ballot.

For information about the pro-parity slate—that is, the slate that supports alumni democracy, opposing the plan to pack the Board of Trustees with unelected members—click here.

For information about the anti-parity slate—that is, the slate that wants to end Dartmouth’s 117-year old tradition of alumni democracy, supporting the Board-packing plan, click here.

For instructions on how to vote either online or by mail, click here.


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