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“Looking For Mr. Clean? Not in This House Race.”

USA Today editorial board on the race:

Republicans in the House of Representatives need a new leader and a new image.

The former majority leader, Tom DeLay, stepped down after he was indicted in a Texas fundraising case and linked to crooked lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

So where is the GOP seeking this fresh face and new start? With two lawmakers — Roy Blunt of Missouri and John Boehner of Ohio — who have cozy relations with lobbyists and a penchant for accepting perks from corporate friends.

A third candidate for majority leader, John Shadegg of Arizona, is less enmeshed with the lobbying establishment and high-powered fundraising. That’s one reason he’s given virtually no chance of winning. Politicians who don’t raise big money and spread it around to colleagues don’t often find themselves in line to be congressional leaders…

Blunt responds here.

UPDATE: I left out the Boehner response by mistake. Here it is.

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