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The Looming Menace of Paul

Yep, it’s open season on Ron Paul all right. We can’t have people going around talking about liberty, the Constitution, congressional declarations of war, and the abolition of federal government departments. Only Nazis and Islamofascists go for that stuff — everyone knows how keen they are on limited government power. Stop this man! Expect things to get much worse if Paul polls well in Nevada, which looks possible.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama is still getting a free pass on his connection to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the white-hating antisemitic Farrakhan-worshipper Obama reveres as his mentor and friend. Steve Sailer has been doggedly documenting the details for months, from primary sources (e.g. Obama’s own autobiography!) — but of course, no respectable commentator would dare read Sailer for fear he might soil his eyes. Look over there! — Ron Paul in the same street as a Confederate flag! And he’s not shaking his fist!! Stop him! He must be stopped!

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