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Looming Monday Crisis

We have been flooded with orders for NR’s kids books. Monday (following our four-day holiday) should be a frightening – having to process and ship out hundreds if not thousands of books. We may have to go without lunch, but we’ll get it done!.

It’s heartening to know that so many of you have had the good sense and wisdom to get our terrific books. They contain so many wonderful stories, and the child who embraces and reads and enjoys them will be all the better off for having been exposed to great literature and great values. What better thing could you do for a child this Christmas than to get him or her or them (many people are buying multiple copies) than to get them our acclaimed titles?

Here’s some advice on which books to buy: for the older kids (grades 4 and above) either the original edition or “Volume Two” (my favorite) of The National Review Treasury of Classic Children’s Literature (their pages filled with Kipling, Carroll, Twain, London, Alcott, Burnett, et al.) is ideal. For beginning readers, or pre-schoolers, The National Review Treasury of Classic Bedtime Stories (featuring ten of Thornton Burgess’s revered animal tales) is perfect.

We’ve got a number of special offers, like this: Get one copy of “Volume Two” and one copy of our Bedtime book and we’ll include, at no additional charge, a second copy of Volume Two, plus a copy of L. Frank Baum’s classic story, Queen Zixi of Ix (it’s a big beautiful book) – all of which we’ll ship at no additional charge for just $59.90!

Do the right thing for those special kids in your life – get them the kind of wholesome books that will make a lasting impression on them. Do it, safely and happily, here.


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