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There seems to be a general feeling that the Foley scandal is losing steam today. The topic was not brought up at today’s White House briefing, even though Bush had made a phone call to give his support to Denny Hastert. Reporters started by asking Dana Perino about Sen. Warner’s assessment of Iraq, then North Korea, then guns and school safety, then Darfur — making it all the way to John Ashcroft’s book and even global warming. But no mention of Hastert and Foley.

Also, last night, despite its big revelation of the three new pages, ABC News led with Hastert’s news conference and then did some analysis of GOP damage control efforts — but did not see fit to include its scoop on the showpiece evening newscast.

And finally, we don’t seem to be talking about it much on the Corner.

Now, all of this could change with some new revelation. But at this point the intensity seems to be diminishing.


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