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Lost in The Headlines

This is the second time I’ve brought this up, but amidst Katrina and Rehnquist (and I mean those stories no disrespect) I worry that people have overlooked the fact that A TERRORIST CELL PLANNED TO ATTACK LOS ANGELES! Which is big, because, you know, I live here. And maybe also because the terrorists were all Americans, and not of Arab descent.

From Daniel Pipes’s column of Tuesday: “The emergence of a primarily African-American Islamist terrorist cell signals a new trend. Native-born Americans have taken part in terrorist operations before, but (again, as in London), this case this marks their first large-scale plot.

Terrorist plans that fail don’t make headlines, but they should. This was a near-miss. Home-grown radical Islam has arrived and will do damage.”

The phrase “near-miss” bears repeating. A near-miss, and a wakeup call. My thanks and congratulations to the dedicated law enforcement officials who broke the case.

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