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Lots of Negative Reaction

to my brief comment on gays in the military yesterday, including demands that I be fired. (I’ll forward those to Rich.) Most of the comments say that only someone who has not served in the military could think that allowing openly gay men to serve would be a good idea. I must admit that I’ve never served. But the proposition is false, since there are people who have served in the military who favor letting gays serve. (There are, of course, many more opposed.) One email chides me for using Britain as an example. I can see someone making the argument that American attitudes toward homosexuality differ so much from the attitudes in countries that allow gays in the military that it would be a much worse idea here; that argument gives me pause about my conclusion. But the argument in my inbox was that Britain is not comparable to America because it is a second-rate country with a second-rate military–an assessment I cannot share.

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