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‘Lots of People Who Protest about Climate Have to Fly to Join Conferences’

Actress Emma Thompson did an interview with the Financial Times recently, and was asked about her appearance at an Extinction Rebellion protest earlier this year, when she said she had flown in from Los Angeles to attend . . . generating more of the carbon emissions she finds so odious and unacceptable.

“I was just coming home from work, and then I went on to the protest,” Thompson clarified to the Financial Times. Anyway, she adds: “Lots of people who protest about climate have to fly to join conferences, because there is no choice. And as I said at the time, we have all been asking for clean energy for many decades now.”

No doubt, Thompson genuinely believes that her plane rides are necessary and that “there is no choice,” she and other wealthy climate activists “have to fly” to attend these conferences in person. Of course, everyone else believes their flights are necessary as well. Also, let’s take a moment to appreciate the ingenious concept that your carbon emissions somehow become less harmful or consequential if you simply wished you had a cleaner option and have wanted one for a long time.


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