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Jindal’s Catholicism.

New Orleans’ woes continue.

Not much, I’d add, on the Jan. 22 caucus they’ll be holding — three days after Nevada and South Carolina, one week before Florida. I can’t seem to find any polls. Can anyone else?

UPDATE: No polling, but here’s an explanation of the process. It’s just like Iowa, except that it will be much harder to attend.

Louisiana’s Republican voters will head to the polls on Tuesday,

January 22nd at 11 different caucus sites to cast their ballots for

delegates and alternate delegates to the 2008 Louisiana Republican

Convention. Voters will cast ballots from 5:00 pm until 8:00 pm that


…The state convention will choose the bulk of Louisiana’s delegates to

the 2008 Republican National Convention. Louisiana will have a total

of 47 delegates and 44 alternates to the national convention in

Minneapolis, Minnesota. Three of Louisiana’s delegate spots are

already decided…State Convention delegates will choose the remaining 44

national delegates and alternates and will adopt an official platform

for the Republican Party of Louisiana.


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