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For the Love of Dogs, Cont’d

From a reader:


When my cute little 3-year-old neice first came

home from the hospital, her father’s dog stayed as close

to the Pak-n-Play as possible, even napping against it,

just to be near that new little thing. When she visited

my father’s houe for the first time, his dog did the same.

They didn’t want to leave the little tyke’s side.*


When my mother was dying of cancer, she’d often go

to her bedroom to nap. Soon the dog and both cats would

be missing, and they’d invariably be on or beside the

bed with her, not napping; just keeping her company. Every time.


I suppose people like Zorn have to espouse such silly ideas

so they can feel smarter than people like you, me, and

Jess Craigie; but if I had to spend time with Mr Zorn or

a dog, I know which I’d choose.


And then Zorn would tell me that I wasn’t actually having

fun with the dog and pull out his slide-rule and protractor to

explain it to me.


I’d laugh at him, but I’d still feel a little sorry for the guy.




*This of course, would be “currying favor with masters by helping

them protect the new tribe-member.”


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