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An e-mail:

Dear KJ

I am a liberal that enjoys the Corner.

What all of you seem to be missing recently is:  we liberals have 

already won.

We are looking at a historic, generational realignment of congress, 

which could lead to as much as a 50 seat majority in the house and a 

5-7 seat advantage in the Senate.  A strong Democratic congress is 

destiny for any of these candidates administrations.

Obama or Clinton will push through enormous changes we’ve been waiting 

for on climate change, investment in infrastructure, new fairness in 

the tax code, and universal health care.

What you all seem to fail to remember are your own concerns about 

McCain.   McCain is the most centrist Republican to run for President 

since George Herbert Walker Bush.    His most cherished goal is not to 

uphold conservative principles but to enact legacy legislation.

We can expect McCain to push our climate agenda, close Guantanamo, 

close the torture loopholes, crack down on pork barrel spending (which 

we don’t like either, believe it or not) – and my guess is that he 

will shock conservatives with some kind of bold move on health care or 

taxes where he breaks with party orthodoxy to respond to public demand 

on these issues.  He will also be a bi-partisan president – which as 

we saw with Clinton always means the PRESIDENT is the one doing the 


So you guys should hold off celebrating until after McCain’s first 

year in office.  My prediction is you won’t like what you see.


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