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Twenty-Five Things That Caught My Eye Today: Love & Marriage in Coronavirus Times & More (June 15, 2020)


2. A Journey Through NYC Religions: Moved To Heaven. Remembering Hundreds of Clergy Killed by Coronavirus

The passing of so many religious leaders means a large “coronavirus gap” in the supply of congregational and non-profit leadership. [Fernando Cabrera, City Council member], who is also pastor of New Life Bronx in Kingsbridge Heights, says that the high number of deaths in such a short period of time has never been experienced before. ‘The tragedy is that we will have a leadership vacuum in the city.’ Scores of food pantries and other ministries are also affected, many shutting down because the pastors who lead them have died.

3. Jerusalem Post: Turkey’s occupation of Syria slammed for ethnic cleansing

The testimony paints a picture of a NATO member involved in destroying the shrines of minorities, ethnically cleansing other minorities and engaging in demographic change similar to what was done in the Balkans in the 1990s. In the Balkans, NATO powers intervened to stop ethnic cleansing. In Syria, a NATO power has now been accused of enabling harm to minorities and women.

4. WSJ: Syria’s Assad Faces Growing Pressure from the Street over Slumping Economy

5.  National Catholic Register: Catholics Fearful About Looming Chinese Restrictions on Hong Kong

6. About Russia’s cruel, unjust treatment of Jehovah’s Witnesses

7. Argentina’s bishops condemn ‘illegal espionage’ of clerics by government

8. When coronavirus closed schools, some Detroit students went missing from class. These educators had to find them

At the University Yes Academy, which… is in Detroit’s six-school New Paradigm for Education charter network, Principal Robert Hines said his staff found one student by convincing his friends to reach out to him through a multiplayer online video game. They found another through the student’s comments on TikTok, the video-sharing app.

9. Greg Erlandson: Of Poe and pandemics and lessons to be learned

10. Guardian: Journalist Maria Ressa found guilty of ‘cyberlibel’ in Philippines

[The Philippines] now ranks 136th out of 180 countries on the Reporters Without
Borders (RSF) World Press Freedom Index. Journalists have been targeted through judicial harassment, online campaigns waged by pro-Duterte troll armies, and violence. Local politicians, it warned, “can have reporters silenced with complete impunity.”

11. Rod Dreher: Black Lives Matter Comes Home

My fear is that rather than making the cultural memory of our shared history richer for everybody, in the name of equality, we are going to end up making it poorer for everybody. This is what would happen if, in our moral ardor, we misconstrued the commemoration of antebellum history as “a celebration of slavery.” There is a lot more to the black historical experience in America than mere suffering. . . . And, there is a lot more to the white historical experience than mere infliction of suffering on blacks.

12. Elizabeth Lev: Rejoicing in Apocalypse: The Art Born of Plague

A global health crisis has once again enveloped the world in turmoil and devastation. Humanity is again confronted with its own mortality. What might be the next great frontier for Christian art?

13. Aleteia: This doctor-in-training volunteered to accompany patients dying of COVID-19

She had expected to diagnose patients, attend the sick, prescribe treatments and discharge healed patients, but she ended up simply sitting next to people as they were dying.…She explains the reasoning behind these visits, and how she asks God to work through her:

“I do this due to my faith. I know that if I didn’t pray at first, I couldn’t do it. I tell God that I want those who see me … to see Him. Otherwise, I wouldn’t do my job as well. It’s about being God’s instrument, making yourself available to Him with the talents you have.”

14. Ed Mechmann: We are Ruled by Judges not by Reason

15. COVID-19 pandemic fuels conspiracy theories — in the world and the Church

16. No need to fly to South Bend! The Center for Ethics & Culture at Notre Dame is
presenting this year’s Vita Institute as a series of five free webinars. Click here for more information. Starts tonight.

17. CBS News: Irish repay decades-old debt, help Native American tribe Struggling through COVID-19

18. Dawn Eden Goldstein: A Cloud of Witnesses: The Fulfilled Life of a Remarkable Priest

19. Terry Teachout: After A.L.S. Diagnosis, Rebecca Luker Is ‘Proud I Can Still Sing’

20. Officer rescues toddlers after father drives off Sunset Cliffs

21. Francis X. Maier: Life Lessons: Four Pillars, Three Little Pigs

For 32 years of my work life, I had four small frames on my office wall. Each held a quotation. I read them in the morning, between tasks, and every night before leaving for home. They were the sinews of my day. In the end, I passed them along to a friend younger and smarter than myself. I didn’t need them any more. They were branded on the brain.


23. Babylon Bee: Bibles Pulled From Shelves For Outdated Idea That All Humans Are Of One Race And Made In The Image of God 






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