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Loving Israel — Except When It Matters

I attended the American Jewish Committee annual dinner last night; John Negroponte spoke and, as our chief spy, he naturally said little of substance. What struck me instead was the parade of foreign leaders that always address this dinner — this time, the foreign ministers of Singapore, Romania, and Chile; in earlier years, the president of Spain, the prime minister of Argentina, et al. And it’s always the same: We love the Jews! We love Israel! This from countries that routinely vote against Israel in the UN. The guy from Chile added a twist — he boasted that the head of his country’s public libraries was Jewish. Libraries! How about letting an Arab run the libraries and instead stop singling out the Jewish state in the UN.

Now, for American dignitaries to address an important, politically active constituency is perfectly normal. But the foreigners have flown thousands of miles just to address the event, and you know what’s got to be going through their heads: “The Jews run America, so let’s go make nice with them.” As my charming tablemate said, everyone but the Jews seem to believe the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.


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