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Lowry Is Everywhere Making the Case for Nationalism

Our esteemed editor and author of The Case for Nationalism: How It Made Us Powerful, United, and Free has been celebrating its official launch this week by taking to the airwaves to discuss the book’s themes, and rebut the re-characterization of just what “nationalism” really is, and really means. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to listen, watch, reflect, and come away with sharper insight by checking out some of these appearance:

Here’s Rich on Morning Joe making the case for the American nationalist tradition that stretches from Hamilton through Lincoln and TR and a post-war consensus that continued up until The Gipper.

Rich takes on the lazy mischaracterizations of “nationalism” on Tucker Carlson.

He once again takes on the dirty-wording of “nationalism” on The Ingraham Angle (at 25:00).

The great John J. Miller has a meaty conversation with Rich on the new episode of The Bookmonger.

So do the folks at NPR’s “On Point,” which broadcast a lengthy interview with Rich and host Meghna Chakrabarti (that also included historian Liah Greenfeld).

And as the reviews start to emerge, do read Park MacDougals’s Washington Examiner analysis, which ends: “Lowry has made a cogent case for nationalism and for the importance of ‘preserving the American cultural nation.’ The worry is that the leaders of tomorrow might not only ignore Lowry and those like him — they might not let him make his case at all.”


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