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Lowry: Cut Off Russia’s ‘Corrupt Elite’ with Sanctions

The administration is starting to take steps in the right direction in regards to Russia’s invasion of Crimea, but sanctions are key to pressuring Vladimir Putin, especially when it comes to the nation’s elites, Rich Lowry argued on Face the Nation on Sunday.

With several wealthy Russians keeping many of their assets in the West, the United States and its allies should move to pass sanctions, even though getting Europe to cooperate could prove difficult. “If you cut them off from here, and importantly from Europe, which might be a little easier said than done, that will hurt,” Lowry said.

While Putin’s ambition to take Crimea may have happened regardless, the Obama administration had done little to prevent such actions from moving forward. “When the president of the United States is not respected or feared around the world, it does create a more permissive environment,” he said.

For more from Rich, make sure to check out his recent piece, “The Russian Reset to Nowhere.”

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