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A Lucky Day?

This is kind of interesting. I say in my Olympics series that Beijing moved the start of the Games up from July 25 to August 8, because meteorologists predicted better weather. A smart reader, well versed in Asia, says, “I think the real motivation for the date change was to have the Games begin on 8/8/08, a super-lucky day. (I’m sure Derb would agree.) You may have read that, here in the People’s Republic of Manhattan, many Chinese couples are getting married on that day, despite the fact that Friday weddings aren’t as common as weekend ones.”

Well, if 8/8/08 is lucky – how about 6/6/06? (Remember when Nancy R. had her street address changed from 666 St. Cloud to 668?)

This is totally unrelated, but I wanted to share a reader’s bon mot, too. He said, “Obama keeps saying he has a funny name. Heck, it’s not as funny as ‘Huckabee.’”


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