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Lugar Gets First Primary Challenger

Indiana state treasurer Richard Mourdock has announced that he will challenge Republican Sen. Dick Lugar in the GOP senate primary next year.

“Mr. Lugar even went so far as to say that the Tea Party needs to: ‘get real,’” remarked Mourdock in his speech declaring his candidacy. “Please understand, I know you ARE real. I understand the ‘reality’ in which you live and it is that of the heartland that IS Indiana. YOU are not disconnected from reality, it is those living in that fantasy land of Washington DC where taxpayers are seen as revenue sources and burdensome regulations are seen as the product of a good day’s work.… It is the elite of Washington DC who must ‘get real.’”

Listing the reasons Hoosiers were fed-up with Lugar, Mourdock cited the longtime senator’s support for the auto companies bailout, the DREAM Act, earmarks, and ratification for the New START treaty. He also mentioned Lugar’s votes to confirm liberal Supreme Court justices.

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